Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tired of Commenting on Digg; What A Large % Of The U.S. Think (Most Likely)

So I just spent the last 25-30 minutes or so reading and responding to comments on this article (on about the U.S. arms freeze to Taiwan.

I just decided to give up because there's way too many people on there that just are not familiar with the situation. Here's a sample of a lot of the misinformed comments I saw on Taiwan/China/U.S:

Article Buried. If you've heard lately Mainland China and Taiwan have opened up direct flights between each country.

Submitter doesn't understand the improved relations that the two countries share in recent times. Stop these Sino mongering and smear campaigns. It's despicable.
The improved relations is a farce that the western media is setting up. While Taiwan has made many concessions in getting those direct flights, China continues their military build-up against Taiwan, as well as continuing their word games with Taiwan's Olympic name, "Zhonghua Taipei."

Um, Taiwan is China's territory now. Is somebody trying to make the case that the United States should not honor the sovereignty of China? Why is it that Americans hold a double-standard for the world? We get angry at people defending their country by attacking an occupying army from a foreign country (think Iraq), and we get mad at another country for asking us not to sell arms to states that rightfully belong to them. WTF?
No real comment here, except to spend just 5 minutes, or even 3 minutes, googling the history of Taiwan. China has never had any sort of legitimate claim to Taiwan, especially the PRC, which made up their claim to Taiwan after WWII.

What conquest of what neighbors? Tibet has been part of China for hundreds of years and why would China give a shit about a little piece of crap island like Taiwan? And do you have any sort of "proof" that China is trying to take over other countries?
If China didn't "give a shit" about a "piece of crap island like Taiwan," then why does China propagandize the "shit" out of the "renegade province Taiwan." Oh, and lets just ignore the fact that the whole complication of Taiwan-U.S. relations is the fact that China wants Taiwan at all costs, "by force if necessary."

Aren't China and Taiwan playing nice with each other these days?
Same as above.

So what if the US don't sell weapons to Taiwan, even with our weapons Taiwan doesn't have the sort of military to fend off whatever that China has before any help arrives. Besides Taiwan is one of the four Asian Tigers, meaning areas with the strongest economical growth and technology development. China is trying to get Taiwan back in one piece, on the political stage rather than brute military force, which will definitely draw international attention and perhaps World War III.
I'm afraid this person doesn't understand China and the people of Chinese enough. China is still a very imperialistic country and the people have an extreme nationalism about "China," especially the Han Chinese. As a result, they would rather kill everyone on Taiwan (which many mainlanders consider "dogs" even though they call Taiwanese "brothers" in the same sentence) than let Taiwan become independent-- of which they have no legitimate claim to Taiwan.

China has our nuts in a sling and we all know it.
Pretty much the only truth I saw in the comments section.

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