Saturday, February 28, 2009


Since it was my first time in Taiwan on 2/28, and likely will be my only time in Taiwan on this day, I decided to make a trip to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall / National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, as well as the 228 Peace Park. I wish I had really gotten up earlier as I believe I missed seeing a sit-in outside of the " ?? " Memorial Hall, in the shape of 228.

Anyways, I made it out to the " ?? " Memorial Hall just before 4:00PM, so I had missed a substantial part of the events. I believe the event that I saw when I got there started at 2:28PM and was to end at 4:30PM. There was an orchestra playing for the event, called "Concert for 228 Justice & Peace." It was overall quite an upbeat atmosphere, and I had an easy time making conversation with random people due to my ability to only speak Taiwanese and English. Here comes the pictures!

Entering the many-names Memorial Hall

The main stage of today's events in the middle of Liberty Square. Aligned on the sides of the stage (the white/green tents), you can see vendors selling various merchandise (books, t-shirts, hats, random items) that in general, is pro DPP, pro Taiwan, or anti-Ma.

This stand (with the flags on it), was handing out World Taiwanese Congress flags to wave, as well as "Taiwan water" and some pins that say 護台灣 (protect Taiwan). After conversing with the lady at this stand for a bit after getting a flag, I was given the location of a cafe where apparently a lot of pro-Taiwan people go to just leisure and hang-out. Located in Shi-da... I will find a time to check it out, apparently Freddy (the Taiwan Freddy) frequents that place, along with one of A-bian's old cabinet member or some ranking official?

Cleaning up the stage... at this point it was well past 4:30PM, probably a quarter past 5:00PM.

On my way out of the " ?? " Memorial Hall, decided to snap a picture with the flag.

Now at the 228 Memorial Park, almost night fall, and the people were cleaning up the stage just behind the monument seen here.

Writings, can't read/understand all of it- but I'm pretty sure it is about what 228 is.

A lady just finished paying respects to her ancestors (I assume).

Looking down the interesting waterfall-like well inside the monument.

Another angle of the monument.

The pathway into the center of the monument. For some reason, I felt like the pathway wasn't very stable-- I felt like I was going to fall into the water or mis-step.

A local Taiwanese girl reads the writings.

The National Taiwan Museum, which was closed by the time I got there. I guess another time will have to do.

It was a meaningful day... it definitely gave me a strong desire to support Taiwan. One of the people I talked to who was also giving out DPP flags (and wanted me to take a bunch of them to give to my friends) consistenly said that we need to let others know about Taiwan, and what our situation is. As long as we do not give up, she says, Taiwan will have a future. We must never forget this day.

And as Taiwanese, how pitiful are we if we do not know the history behind this day. It was sort of sad to hear some of my friends who aren't Taiwanese, know nothing about what happened during those years of White Terror, and what happened on 228 and the ensuing massacres and suppresion of the local Taiwanese. Everyone knows about the Holcaust and Hitler, and we must also remember that. But now, in Taiwan, where the liklihood of something like this occuring once more is much higher than that in Europe, is it not more important for people to know what happened in Taiwan? I spent the day visiting various 228 events, and was given the chance to briefly explain what 228 is about to a few people-- and, not so much a sense of accomplishment that I feel, rather, simply a sense of obligation to let people know what happened.

Let us not forget Taiwan's Holocaust.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finally Some Mainstream News Against Obama's Plan

Rick Santelli's video has been circulating the internet the past day or two. If you haven't seen it, check it out below. He brings up a good point, why don't the white house put up a referendum about whether we the people actually care for bailing out the fail-outs. If this is so-called change, then I think we need to redefine the definition of change.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Can Ma Dodge A Shoe Like Bush?

Apparently there's plans/rumors of people planning on throwing a shoe/shoes at Ma Ying-Jeou on the 228 Memorial Day. See the original idea about throwing shoes at presidents below (Bush), and then see the Taiwan coverage here.

While the idea of throwing a shoe at Ma is quite entertaining, like I said when the Bush-shoe incident happened, regardless of how hated or not respected you are, simply said, a president of a country should not have shoes thrown at him- or anything else for that matter. There should be other ways to express your protest and anger at a president then doing so.

But, it is pretty discouraging to see the KMT continue to attempt to get rid of some of the small positives that the DPP did. All this with Ma Ying-Jeou just stepping aside and again, not being heard from. While having it a day as a vacation day or not isn't really a big deal, the whole idea of reducing these three DPP created holidays to holidays without being able to take the day off, is just mocking what the previous administration did. How will there ever be stability in a country if the opposing parties merely renege on each other's laws and mandates. I suppose if democracy in Taiwan truly worked to perfection, there wouldn't be this need for going back on prevoius laws that the previous opposing administration/party initiated. Such as the not so legal way the DPP changed the name of CKS Memorial Hall- that I can understand going back on. But if things are done in the proper channels, should not they be honored unless they were some significant problems that occured from them?

Anyways, since this is my first time in Taiwan for 228, I may try to make it out to the memorial that day. I've never even been there during other months. Perhaps I can catch a video of Ma attemping to dodge a shoe. :)

Bush dodging shoes:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Complaints Against Pro-Green TV Shows

The NCC of Taiwan, which I think it some sort of regulatory agent of TV and Broadcasting Programs in Taiwan, has come out with a report saying that numerous "Pro-Green" shows have received complaints about being 'sensational.'

Interestingly enough, there are no details of what the actual complaints are, nor of what the actual 'sensationalist' content are on Da Hua News. I picked up some Da Hua News last night with my Grandma and Mom, and Cheng Hong-Yi was also asking everyone, what exactly did they do wrong as there was no evidence to support the mysterious complaints?

This reminds me of movies/TV shows where the workers at super-markets/stores stuff the Suggestion/Comment box with their own falsified comments of praise so that their boss will get off their backs and see how "well" they are doing. Or in the opposite case, filling the box with complaints as to get the supervisor fired or what not.

Taiwan news, which I've never really watched much of until these past few days, seems to be enthralled with these three things, which usually appear everyday in one way or another:

1) Pandas
2) Daily footage of A-bian's daily excercise in jail
5) Daily footage of Ma's "generosity" in visiting areas of Taiwan and giving out Red Envelopes

Good strategy by the KMT. Pummel the image of A-bian to the ground, and glamorize Ma.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick Poll

Poll on Obama's Fix-All stimulus plan:

Someone tell me why this is going to pass the Senate and Obama is signing this again? Don't we vote these people into office to represent us?