Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Exposition

I've been meaning to start a blog on here for a while, but I've always decided to put it off. I still will probably continue posting my thoughts on a couple other sites that I still use right now for a while, but I created this one because I wanted to separate stocks and politics from my other, more personal blog.

As far as stocks...
I hope this will eventually evolve into a blog that I can use to look back on my thoughts and mistakes that I will inevitably make in the stock market.

As far as politics...
I don't like to push my own opinion onto other people, but I feel there is a lack of knowledge out there on certain things in the political world. While I will definitely have a slant towards Republican and DPP platforms in my writings, I hope it can be used to inform both sides of the table.

If things work out for next year, I may temporarily turn this blog into a blog about my experience studying abroad in Taiwan when that time comes. But for now, stocks and politics it is!