Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is going to become more common in the next few years...

"Man shot after metro bus incidence" is the article title, but it seems to make the man shot the victim here. Although not much information is given, apparently the woman was being harassed in the bus (no level of harassment is indicated), which led to the woman shooting the man after they got off the bus.

I tip my hat to the woman. I know some of you are probably like, wow that woman is crazy, pulled the gun on a guy just because he was harassing her. Maybe some of you girls are thinking, "I get harassed on the bus all the time, and I don't pull a gun on the guy." Yeah, well maybe you should. Let's disregard for now whether the man was just throwing snark remarks at the woman, or taking it to the next level. Just because it happens everyday and you are used to it, does not make it right. It should be a good warning message to those men on metro busses.

Think about this for a moment, how messed up is it that the woman is now in jail for trying to protect herself? This is ridiculous. The woman is smart to be carrying around a concealed weapon in Seattle, especially on the metros. Seattle is getting to be one dangerous place- I'm glad I'm done with school at the U.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama, Bush, What's The Difference?

So I'm sitting here wondering where has all the political fervor, enthusiasm for politics, and voting for 'change', have gone? Less than six months ago, a large percentage of people of my age group took to the streets on Nov 4th, 2008 to celebrate Obama being elected to office. All their attention (or what little attention they actually had) towards Obama's policies and what "change" was, has suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

I barely hear a peep from any of the Obama supporters of how Obama has backed off on many of his promises. Most recently, Obama is quietly backing some of the "state-secrets" that Bush kept, meanwhile flamboyantly announcing when he makes a stark turn away from the previous administration's policies- press conferences live on television, yes sir. But when he sides with Bush's policies, there are no press conferences, they are quietly funneled through the courts while Obama is overseas.

What about the additional funding that Obama wants towards the war? So you guys get mad when Bush asks for additional funding, but when Obama does it, you guys look the other way?

Or how about the reneging on his original 16-month withdrawal plan of combat troops from Iraq? Even now, it's only 2 months extended to 18-months later, but I wouldn't count on it if I were a solider in Iraq.

Okay, so really, what's the difference? Not much, except now we're spending more tax dollars more than ever, and this time the people of the United States don't care, don't know, or don't seem to give a damn because they don't wan't to be told they were "wrong" in voting for Obama. But, this isn't about who we voted for anymore- what's done is done. What makes me mad is that you vote Obama into office and then do not hold him and our government accountable for what they do and promised. Seriously, do you all really want to pay a shitload of taxes in the next 5-10 years when we are all working? All this TARP CRAP went to buying up toxic assets and letting the robber barons run away with their loot. Just because Obama is a Democrat, don't be so naive into thinking he doesn't have friends he needs to appease on Wall Street.

I find it amazing that despite polls showing that the average American (yes Democrats and Republicans included) was against the initial bailouts by anywhere from 100-1 to 300-1, our representatives and our president decided to disregard our opinion and do what they thought was best for themselves and their payroll. Think about this clearly, our government has now spent hundreds of billions towards bailout failed banks that have cheated their ways to profit over the past 5-10 years. Think of what hundreds of billions of dollars could have done towards a real national healthcare (something that you Obama supporters apparently support), or perhaps towards simplying helping balance the Social Secruity net that is running out of money. But no, that money has disappeared into the pockets of a few, rather than the many. Does this sound familiar? Isn't this what you Democrats campaigned against when you spoke of Bush's "tax cuts for the rich?"-- which weren't actually just for the rich, rather for everyone, including me.

Lock and Load...

This message is being sent to all students with the approval of the UW
Police Department.

Timely Warning Notification of a Criminal Incident - Seattle Campus
University Way Shooting Incident

This message to members of the University community is being sent in the
interest of public safety and in compliance with federal law requiring
timely warning notification of crimes committed on or near campus.

On April 17, 2009 at 8:45 p.m., two men with no known affiliation to the
University of Washington had an altercation in the 4200 block of University
Way Northeast. During the altercation one of the individuals shot the other
in the face. The victim sustained an injury to the jaw area of his face and
was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

Witnesses called 911 and Seattle Police and paramedics responded. The
suspect ran southbound from the scene and was not found. No additional
information is available at this time. This incident is being investigated
by the Seattle Police Department. If you have any additional information
about this crime, please call Seattle Police at 206-684-5550.

University Police advises students to be cautious and aware of their
surroundings at night in the District.

Remember this post back in November of last year? Besides a few predictions on the stock market, one of which was wrong (lower lows in 2009), and the other of which was right (lower lows after Obama inauguration), I also mentioned how things might start to deteriorate in terms of safety and civility in our neighborhoods. Specifically, I wrote:

The warning signs are all there, if you don't prepare yourselves, well truly I can say you deserve it. People have been laughing in a way when I say I'm thinking about getting a gun- but I'm serious. When people start losing massive amounts of money, no jobs to be obtained, and a trip to the grocery starts becoming as expensive as a PS3, there will be civil unrest. And when you get that, you get problems. No, that does not mean I'm going to become a vigilante maverick, but you never know in an environment like that when you may need that kind of protection.

I might have some hoops to jump through in order to get a gun when I get back to the states, but it's something that is definitely on my list of things to do when I'm back. Especially with the Democrats and their fascination of disregard for the 2nd amendment. Anyways, it has been no surprise to me to see these types of e-mails increase in frequency, and also the seriousness of the attacks increase over the past year. Any UW student can attest to this.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've sort of been busy here in Taiwan. I'll try to start updating more again. There's a large protest happening in May, and I hope to be there for that one. :)