Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Complaints Against Pro-Green TV Shows

The NCC of Taiwan, which I think it some sort of regulatory agent of TV and Broadcasting Programs in Taiwan, has come out with a report saying that numerous "Pro-Green" shows have received complaints about being 'sensational.'

Interestingly enough, there are no details of what the actual complaints are, nor of what the actual 'sensationalist' content are on Da Hua News. I picked up some Da Hua News last night with my Grandma and Mom, and Cheng Hong-Yi was also asking everyone, what exactly did they do wrong as there was no evidence to support the mysterious complaints?

This reminds me of movies/TV shows where the workers at super-markets/stores stuff the Suggestion/Comment box with their own falsified comments of praise so that their boss will get off their backs and see how "well" they are doing. Or in the opposite case, filling the box with complaints as to get the supervisor fired or what not.

Taiwan news, which I've never really watched much of until these past few days, seems to be enthralled with these three things, which usually appear everyday in one way or another:

1) Pandas
2) Daily footage of A-bian's daily excercise in jail
5) Daily footage of Ma's "generosity" in visiting areas of Taiwan and giving out Red Envelopes

Good strategy by the KMT. Pummel the image of A-bian to the ground, and glamorize Ma.

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