Monday, February 16, 2009

Can Ma Dodge A Shoe Like Bush?

Apparently there's plans/rumors of people planning on throwing a shoe/shoes at Ma Ying-Jeou on the 228 Memorial Day. See the original idea about throwing shoes at presidents below (Bush), and then see the Taiwan coverage here.

While the idea of throwing a shoe at Ma is quite entertaining, like I said when the Bush-shoe incident happened, regardless of how hated or not respected you are, simply said, a president of a country should not have shoes thrown at him- or anything else for that matter. There should be other ways to express your protest and anger at a president then doing so.

But, it is pretty discouraging to see the KMT continue to attempt to get rid of some of the small positives that the DPP did. All this with Ma Ying-Jeou just stepping aside and again, not being heard from. While having it a day as a vacation day or not isn't really a big deal, the whole idea of reducing these three DPP created holidays to holidays without being able to take the day off, is just mocking what the previous administration did. How will there ever be stability in a country if the opposing parties merely renege on each other's laws and mandates. I suppose if democracy in Taiwan truly worked to perfection, there wouldn't be this need for going back on prevoius laws that the previous opposing administration/party initiated. Such as the not so legal way the DPP changed the name of CKS Memorial Hall- that I can understand going back on. But if things are done in the proper channels, should not they be honored unless they were some significant problems that occured from them?

Anyways, since this is my first time in Taiwan for 228, I may try to make it out to the memorial that day. I've never even been there during other months. Perhaps I can catch a video of Ma attemping to dodge a shoe. :)

Bush dodging shoes:

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