Friday, July 11, 2008

Chinese People Say: "Stop Politicizing Olympics"

The reality says that China is the one that is politicizing the Olympics. This is all after the fact of ignoring that the Olympics have always been used as a vehicle for political agendas. The part that irks me the most whenever I hear Chinese people trying to impose that Taiwan is part of China, is that they hardly ever have an open mind. It is as if they were trained from a baby to recite lines from Hu's propaganda book- "Taiwan is and has always been a part of China, and will always be."

All they have to do is pick up a book or even do some quick googling to find out that Taiwan has never been part of China. Moreover, the current "China" (P.R.C.) has never ruled Taiwan or had any legitimate claim to it.

So when I saw Chinese-Americans protesting at our university a few months ago against the Dalai Lama and calling for "Western Media- Stop politicizing Olympics," I find it hard to believe they are actually college students. Isn't college where you come to learn and open your mind to new ideas? Rather, it seems some Chinese-Americans would rather read lines from a book and have a close-minded attitude towards the whole thing.

The AP is reporting that Taiwan officials have (thank God) rejected China's attempt to rename Taiwan's name in the Olympics from Zhonghua Taipei to Zhonghua Taipei. A pretty good short description from the article on the meanings:

"Zhongguo Taipei" means "Taipei China" and uses "Zhongguo," the name China calls itself, implying Taipei is a part of China. "Zhonghua Taipei" uses "Zhonghua" — a more ambiguous word that applies to a deliberately undefined Chinese nation.

So can the Chinese-Americans who protested for the western media to stop politicizing the Olympics, also do the same for China? It would only be reasonable so that there isn't a double standard going on, right?

In other news, after dipping briefly into the 6000 territory, the TAIEX has rebounded with probably one if it's best days since Ma became president. Perhaps this is the short term rally that has been rumored to be coming. We shall see, but don't get your hopes up on hitting 20,000 anytime soon. These are what we call a bear market rally, and the trend is still down. As I said in my previous blog, if a rally that may or may not come is able to take stocks back to their 50dma, that would be a good selling point to get out of your long positions.

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