Tuesday, July 22, 2008

EVA Air: Sorry To Ruin Your Hopes And Dreams

Glancing over the Taiwan related news for the past few days on China Post, I clicked on "EVA Air suspends hiring their newly recruited flight attendants."

My question is, is being a flight attendant/stewardess really that glamorous and "well-paid?" I met an ex-stewardess last time I was in Taiwan and from the conversation it didn't seem like she thought much of her time being a China Airlines flight attendant. She now works in a store selling womens clothes, and I know working in a store selling clothes does not pay that well. So, either EVA Air pays a lot more than China Airlines, or the news staff at China Post have no idea what they are talking about.

It sort of seems like this article was done in a sarcastic way, but it appeared as a regular news article in the Taiwan > Business section online. Weird.

From the article:
As for the 35 recruits, they can't imagine that their dreams of becoming enviable, well-paid stewardesses are finally dashed after three months of hard efforts in ploughing through various tests.

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