Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Guangzhou to send rare tigers to Kaohsiung as a friendly gesture, while in other cities of China, notably Xiamen, a military build up of over 1,300-1,400 missiles aimed at Taiwan (probably including Kaohsiung) continues. I don't know what kind of goodwill people in China are used to, but sending zoo animals as a gesture of goodwill while maintaining a horde of missiles aimed at Taiwan is not a gesture of goodwill in most books. This is just another smokescreen that China is throwing up to direct attention away from the unexplainable and unjustified military build-up across Taiwan in Xiamen, China.

On a recent visit to Xiamen Universitry by Taichung mayor, Jason Hu, a comment was stated by the audience that the missiles aimed at Taiwan are "only for Taiwan Independence supporters." Jason Hu replied, "I was not aware that missiles have eyes capable of distinguishing who is and is not a Taiwanese independence supporter."

KMT supporters feel relieved! If missiles start firing up and are in the skies over Taiwan, fear not because they have missiles that were made for us Green. Kermit has it right, it's not easy being green.
It's not that easy being green
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves
When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold
Or something much more colorful like that

It's not easy being green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're
Not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky

But green's the color of Spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like an ocean, or important
Like a mountain, or tall like a tree

When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder why
Wonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful
And I think it's what I want to be

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