Saturday, July 12, 2008

President Ma Steps Up to the Plate

Reports coming out of the AP and Asia-Pacific news say that Ma has finally stepped up to the plate to address the arms sales issue between the U.S. and Taiwan. I guess Ma has put the pressure "officially" back on the U.S. side when previously the U.S. made it seem that Ma was the one that asked to delay the sales.

Also, Ma (for the first time since he became president) criticized China for:
changing the name under which the Taiwan team would be attending the Beijing Olympics.
Too bad Ma only feels the need to defend the name "Chinese Taipei," which he should because it is a previously agreed upon name for Taiwan to use, but at the same time it's a ridiculous name to represent the nation of Taiwan. While "Chinese Taipei" needs to be protected, Ma feels no need to protect the name "Taiwan" at all, which is a shame because pre-election, every other word that came out of his mouth was Taiwan this, Taiwan that, 23 Million Taiwanese, future of Taiwan determined by Taiwanese.

I can't help but see the similarities between Obama and Ma, and I remember reading a few articles (here's one) on how Obama and Ma were similar in a lot of ways. I know I'm pushing the envelope here, but the fact is that Obama is not change you can believe in- he's the same "old politiks" that he claims he is not. As I've constantly said, vote for Obama because of his stance on issues and policies, not because of his empty rhetoric. Just like Ma's empty rhetoric,
Because Taiwan's future has to be determined by the 23 million Taiwanese, by their free will...
Obama's empty rhetoric is just a sucker line to suck in the moderates to vote for him. Don't be a sucker.

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