Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June DPP Newsletter (English)

Here's the DPP newsletter for English readers for the month of June.

June DPP Newsletter

Also, appearing in the Chinapost today is a short article on citizens in Hong Kong staging a protest for the right to universal suffrage, something that Taiwanese currently have. This is just another reminder that the Taiwanese people should not want to unite with China under their rule. And if you haven't been keeping up to date, the KMT have been moving quickly to set the groundwork for an eventual unification. Can the people of Taiwan wake up in 4 years to realize that they need to vote the KMT out of the legislative yuan as well as vote in a new president? The party in actuality should not matter, but the fact of the matter is that the KMT's party platform is eventual unification with China. So the KMT needs to change, or Taiwan needs to change; which seems more easy to do?

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