Sunday, July 27, 2008

KMT = China's Tool? Say It Ain't So

Could it actually be possible for the KMT to fool half of the people in Taiwan into believing that they are actually for a Taiwan who's future is determined by the people of Taiwan? You may say that they still believe in the KMT and the words they say. I say, how long will it take for them to realize that they've been tricked?

A "top Chinese official" has stated that they will attempt to control the president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-Jeou, through their CCP-KMT love party connection. The intentions of China have never been clearer, and yet on the other side, the intentions of the leader of Taiwan have never been more vague and direction-less than ever before. While China continues its military buildup along the strait and throws candy at Taiwan to distract Taiwan from seeing that they secretly will take back all the candy that they gave in the end, Ma Ying-Jeou hasn't even begun to take the steering wheel to determine a direction for Taiwan.

Ma's three No's policies of: 1) No unification, 2) No independence, and 3) no use of force.

The first of which reads in full, "no negotiations for unification during my presidential term[s]."

Perhaps Ma isn't negotiating any sort of deals for unification. But as we've seen in the first 3 months of his term, it is not Ma who is in control, it is the KMT and Wu Poh-Hsiung who are making the calls right now. It really is sad to see a president who really has no control over his country, let alone his own party.

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