Friday, August 1, 2008

Uh, Say That Again?

As a proud supporter of Bush's tax cuts, but not so proud of his easing on China and fading encouragement for Taiwan, I seem to not understand what he meant in his latest interview. As a matter of fact, Bush seemed to have confused everyone but himself about what he actually meant. I guess I can't really comment about anything, but just to say, try again?

President Bush:
“I would say that there’s been a … it’s just been interesting to watch I would say that there’s been a — it’s just been interesting to watch, and interesting to participate with people. I mean, the Taiwan issue was a very touchy issue for a while, causing me to say in the Oval Office — that which is now well-chronicled — that the United States does not support a unilateral declaration of independence. Because I wanted to make sure that our message was clear, but also that the relationship was in a way not our relationship, but other’s relationship with China was in a way that it could evolve peacefully and constructively,”

“My only point to you is, is that — or the Taiwan-Chinese relationship and that issue. It’s a very sensitive issue for the Chinese government. And people who study this very closely will see that the issue is in a better place. And I made it abundantly clear that there was some red lines for the United States on this issue, that there would be no unilateral declaration of independence, that our policy was still the same. It’s very important for the president to be very consistent,”

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