Saturday, August 16, 2008

Devastating Reversals

As many have probably heard, Chen, Shiu-bian has acknowledged his wrong-doing in money laundering. It is indeed a sad day for Taiwan, especially for the DPP. We all knew Taiwan politics was corrupt, but to have your president directly involved in a money-laundering scandal like this after "vehemently" denying it previously, is really heartbreaking for the morale of the DPP party. First and foremost it is A-bian's fault for doing so, but is there no accounting practices inside the administration? Anyways, while Chen, Shui-bian has declared that he and his wife will be leaving the party, the negative effects have already taken place and any distancing now is just a formality.

Nevertheless, you cannot deny what A-bian has done for Taiwan in these last 8 years, although the whole time he was "profting" greatly from his presidential position. It really is too bad that A-bian is going to go out like this, because for the most part, we all thought that the A-bian's presidency would be redeemed after a poor showing by Ma over these next 4 years. ("You never know what you have until you lose it"). But, in the end it looks like A-bian will be remembered for cheating the public and DPP supporters out of tens of millions of dollars.

In other news, Taiwan is getting "unification" pandas from China. A symbol of China's impending threat of destabilizing status quo and autonomy for Taiwan. Interestingly enough, these two stories mark the fall of A-bian, and the coming of pandas, of which A-bian refused to accept during his term.

Oh yeah, seemingly well timed, the Ma has decided to forgo full membership in the U.N. and settle for the sub-organizations of the U.N. Which would have caused a nice uproar from some people, but due to the timing, once again the bad news from their mouths have been swept under the carpet.

Better days ahead, we hope.


Anonymous said...

Anyone with any slight intelligence know what A-bian's done to Taiwan during his two terms but you sounded like he actually accomplished something good. If you have family ties with A-bian say so as that is what family members do but otherwise you are a idiot!!

Richard said...


I guess I wasn't clear enough, Chen, Shui-bian DID WRONG, and he should be held accountable for it under the judiciary courts of Taiwan. As far as if I think he accomplished something good- that of course is going to be subjective to whether you support unification or independence, or not even independence, just autonomy; whether you support a democratic Taiwan, or an authoritarian Taiwan. Again, what CSB did was wrong and there should be repercussions. What I was merely saying is that it's sad his legacy is gonna be marred by this money laundering scandal.

By the way, if I was family of CSB, I wouldn't even bother blogging and being a student- I'd be retired by now, obviously.

Anonymous said...

"that of course is going to be subjective to whether you support unification or independence, or not even independence, just autonomy"

Please...where did you hear that? you think everything in Taiwan is PRO or ANTI-unification. You've been watching too many gossip news TV show..

What do you think he did anything for Taiwan? A-bain never had clear goal for Taiwan independence and economic plan. His is everything worse you can think of Taiwan character: Being Cheap, Gutless chicken shit, morally corrupt thus he did NOTHING!! Admit it. He fucked it up!! The sorry ass southern Taiwanese SOB still give him the benefit of doubt. He didn't even give them the justice by improving the reginal economy!!

"that it's sad his legacy is gonna be marred"

What legacy? Sad for what? His whole eigth years in office will be remembered as ulitmate Taiwan tragedy..worse than 228!!! If he is not sentenced to more than 10 years in jail, I pray China to take over pathetic ROK government ASAP..that sounds like a QUICK and final end to the misery.

Seeing how you change your tone, I can see you are just typical gutless young Taiwnese. Take a stance!! Since so Taiwanese admire Korea, here is fact for student like you who care enough to blogging.. many Korean college students sacrificed their own life in death to achieve the democracy of civilian elected government...No blood of young Taiwanese has spilled!!! Think about it!!

Richard said...

"Please...where did you hear that? you think everything in Taiwan is PRO or ANTI-unification. You've been watching too many gossip news TV show.."

No? Didn't I just clearly state in that statement that you quoted me in that theres those that just support the current autonomy of Taiwan, aka status quo?

A-bian never had a clear goal for independence because that wasn't a goal of his. Sure it was what he wanted, but it was, and should have never been a realized plan of his. Why? He was in no position to unilaterally declare independence. Everyone involved, China, U.S., Taiwan, Japan, for the most part all want status quo rather than independence. It was, and still is in the best interest of Taiwan to remain in its current "status quo," which is autonomous, but not officially independent.

And how many times do I have to tell you, I agree adamantly that A-bian was wrong and should be punished. Yes, 10 year, if not more. He has given a bad face for not only the DPP, but to Taiwan in general.

What did he do for Taiwan? Again, it depends on your perspective. A supporter of a modernized and democratic Taiwan would agree that A-bian did well in modernizing the military such that it became a military that adheres to the country and people, not to the party. Obviously this doesn't mean much to the majority of Taiwanese who care only about money, but hey I do too, so ok, I'll concede it to you that he didn't do much. But what he did do, was keep the status quo while maintaining Taiwan's sovereignty.

He didn't even improve "Reginal" economy? I assume you meant regional? Anyways, I won't hold you against that as that has always been a good lie that the media has told. Take a look at the GDP Growth of Taiwan for A-bian's years, they are on par if not better than many countries including US, Japan, HK, France, etc.

And how did I change my tone exactly? It's hard for me to pin down someone just by their tone. In any case, thanks for your opinion. I find it odd that you would say you'd rather have China swallow up ROC, especially since your saviour Ma is now in power, unless you are from the mainland- of which I feel like I don't need to carry on any more dialogue with you. And who says I admire Koreans? I don't. And I hope no blood of Taiwanese will ever have to spill, ever, ever, again. Young or old.