Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bridging the Divide - Xiamen & Jinmen

As if there weren't anymore possible connections possible between China and Taiwan to signify the continual march towards unification that the KMT Chairman, Wu Poh-Hsiung, has made very transparent in what he is attempting to accomplish; it appears that plans are already in the works or already in place for constructing a bridge to connect and outlier outpost/island of Taiwan with China. That is, Jinmen Island with China.

China's own Wu Poh-Hsiung said on Monday:
Jinmen has shifted its focus from a war front to becoming the place that connects China and Taiwan.
Oh is that so? And what of the other end of that bridge in Xiamen? Sure if a bridge is built, of course there is a physical connection. But, I hardly think Wu was simply referring to a physical connection, rather a symbolic connection. The focus of Xiamen as a launching stage for a military invasion of Taiwan has not shifted, and is the place that one can point to where there is no 'thawing of relations,' nor 'peace' between China and Taiwan despite what the the trifecta of CCP, KMT, and the media would like you to think.

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