Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The End of the Line?

Quite a few articles appearing these past few days quoting many ex-DPP supporters that they have now withdrawn their party membership or have decided to not support the DPP anymore, and therefore support the KMT in all likelihood. As this article shows, an image of a Kaohsiung resident burning his "Vote for Chen" shirts, and instead, making sacrifices to Chiang Kai-shek.

Is this really the end of the line for the DPP? It seems like this was the last nail in the coffin for the DPP as far as elections in 2012 go- that is, if Taiwan even gets a 2012 election. At this rate, it seems like Taiwan will be swallowed up by 2010-2011 by China. The new DPP chairman, Tsai, Ing-wen, was promoted as a new change for the party- but it seems like further change will be necessary in order to completely seperate the DPP from the scandals of Chen, Shui-bian.

It took quite a long time and many sacrifices by brave people to bring about this democracy and two-party system, but now it seems like it's one and a half party system with the half quickly becoming minute.

It really will be up to the people of Taiwan to recognize and defend Taiwan's democracy. No party, nor no leader (as we have seen), will be able to successfully defend Taiwan's sovereignty and democracy by themselves. It was the people who paved the way for today's Taiwan, and it must be the people who once again safeguard the sovereignty of Taiwan.

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阿牛 said...

Good post. Of course we all hope its not that bad (and all fear it is).