Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taiwan Won 4 Medals, What?

So after 16 days or so, I'm finally back to being Taiwanese again. For a while there I was too ashamed to even say I was rooting for Chinese Taipei, mainly because I'm not Chinese, nor is my family from Taipei. But, in my effort to inform people, I decided to let a lot of my friends know how many medals "our" team had. To sort of my surprise, but not really, about half of my friends had no idea what Chinese Taipei was, nor knew why Taiwan was being called Chinese Taipei. To keep it brief in an attempt to not lose their interest, I just said that China has bullied the IOC and a load of other countries into disallowing any sort of "Taiwan"-ness on the international stage. Not being allowed to use our name, nor our national flag, nor our national anthem, nor any sort of emblem or thing representing our country was demanded by China and Co.

Anyways, glad the Communism Party is over, aka the Beijing Olympics.

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