Friday, August 22, 2008

"633" Pledge: Downgraded to "Not Likely"

Latest figures here and some more here with some extra info regarding GDP, from the Taiwan government, indicate it is slipping again; and revised estimates for the year 2008 down again to 4.3%. Unemployment at 11-month high rising to 4.06% (attributed to freshly graduated students).

A reminder at what the 633 promise is:

- 6% GDP Growth Annually
- 3% Unemployment rate by 2012
- $30,000 Per Capita Income by 2012

As I posted on 7/22/08, the GDP continues to be adjusted downward, citing the global economy as the reason. Don't want to beat this to death, but why wasn't the global economy cited for a so-called "poor" economy during Chen's last couple years? Instead, blame Chen [For readers, I am not trying to pump up Chen still, this is just to show how the media and the KMT made it convenient to blame the president instead of citing the actual reasons when it favored them].

Analyst Rating: Richard downgrades the "633" pledges to "not likely" from "don't look to well."

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