Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taiwan "Separatists"

This editorial in the China Post by the China Post news staff is a clear reminder that the goal of the KMT is unification of Taiwan with China. There should be no doubts about where they are taking things, and as such, the Taiwanese people must be aware that while Ma promised no unification during his term, the party that he is in is against him. From the first couple months, it's clear that Ma is not in the reigns, rather he has taken a back seat on national/foreign policy to KMT chariman Wu Po-Hsiung.

The view that the DPP supporters, or even all non-KMT/PFP/unificationists are "separatists" is a really far stretch. Taking a step back, if you want to stick the term "separatists" on a group of people, shouldn't the KMT be the ones that should be viewed as separatists-- fleeing to Taiwan in 1949 to set up what was to be a temporary launching pad to retake the mainland. In the end, Chiang Kai-Shek failed to do so and remained on Taiwan, thus separating from the mainland China.

Separating implies that there was some sort of unity beforehand, and yes the KMT were united with the Communists for a while, but then separated. Therefore, if you want to throw the label on someone, shouldn't it be the KMT who are the "separatists?"

And yet the staff at the China Post believe that they (the KMT) are the "good boys" and not separatists, implying a negative connotation of rebellion and a "renegade province." I'm about to confuse myself because they seem to contradict themselves here; the pan-green side are separatists living on Taiwan, but we just concluded that the KMT are the real separatists... the pan-green (I hate to generalize here, but to make my point) side is usually supported by those who came to Taiwan long before 1949, aka bensheng ren (本省人). The KMT are the ones who came in the mass exodus with Chiang Kai-Shek, who separated from the mainland as a group of people, and occupying the land of Taiwan.

It should be clear, but I guess it's not to everyone, that if you want to coin one of the groups of Taiwan as separatists, it should be the KMT, not the pan-green side.

On a side note, the terms bengsheng ren and waisheng ren are useful terms in describing people in Taiwan, but for the better of Taiwan I believe those terms should eventually be dropped. I know in the past that the DPP has used these terms in their push for identifying with people, but the two terms should and would better be replaced by a simple, daiwan lang (台灣人).

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