Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LPGA Corning Classic Winner from Taiwan

Congratulations to Yani Tseng from Taiwan, who took 1st place at the Corning Classic over the weekend. It's been a while since we've seen a Taiwanese on top of a sporting field. We've had Wang Chien Ming the past 3-4 years, but lately he's off the table because of his injury.

That's not the whole story about this lady from Taiwan winning an LPGA tournmanet. The real story is that Ma Ying Jeou refused to give Taiwan golf the time of day earlier in the year, refusing to let Taiwan host an LPGA tour that would help give Taiwan some international spot-light. After all, isn't that one of his goals? Especially in his failed attempt at getting more international space in the WHA?

The report on Wednesday said Tseng is unhappy because Taiwan does not take golf seriously and has not responded for her call to hold a LPGA tournament in the country, even though LPGA has already approved the event.

$6 million dollars may seem like a steep price, but to say that it was "too much" for them to pay for is bullshit. In the recent trip to Geneva to attend the WHA, Dr. Yeh basically paid up $5 million USD to the WHO organization- for what?- we don't know exactly, but he claims it is for vaccines and medicines, and hopes that the WHO reciprocates the favor and helps Taiwan fight the H1N1. Just one year donation? Not exactly:

Liu also directed that Taiwan donate US$5 million a year in principle, Yeh said, adding that the DOH will also discuss the use of the annual donation with the WHO Secretariat.
Annual donations to the WHO so that we can buy our way into the WHA and be called Chinese Taipei? Where no one knows where Chinese Taipei actually is on the map? We're found on the bottom left corner, in the middle of an ocean. Awesome.

If I were Yani Tseng, I would be mad too. She had the desire to support and play for Taiwan, and she ends up winning the LPGA tournament. And yet Ma and his administration is too busy trying to pony up to China than trying to defend and build up Taiwan. If you aren't sick and tired of all the China flying around, you will be soon enough. Ma wants to enlist Chinese companies to do a BOT on infrastructure (harbors and airports). Are Taiwanese companies not good enough to do so? I doubt it. If this is not blatant selling of Taiwan to China so that China controls our economy and infrastructure, then Taiwan is already a part of China. Give me one, good reason, why Taiwan should enlist Chinese companies for BOTs here.

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