Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 2nd Rally in Seattle

I wasn't there, but since I covered it briefly a few days ago to encourage Taiwanese and whoever else that wanted to support the cause in Seattle to join, here's a blog of a person/group that went:

RAINU has some coverage in Chinese with videos.
A group on Flickr just for the 6/02 Rally in Seattle.
Soarhevn on Flickr with more pictures.

Here was a good overview of what the rally was about, which I found a few hours before Ma touched down in Seattle.

Rally participants desire all people who support human rights, the right to assemble, and the right of self-determination to join them in calling on the ROC government to respect human rights and stop trying to unify the economy of Taiwan with China. The US government must also end its silence and begin actively voicing to the ROC government that they must uphold human rights and respect the rights of Taiwanese to determine their own future.
Check out the comments below as there's a decent discussion, or perhaps just flaming back and forth by some. I made a few comments in an attempt to just say that this rally is not about Taiwan Independence, not about pro-DPP, not about pro-CSB. At the most basic level, it's simply in support of Taiwan's right to determine their own future as quoted from above.

This link was posted on Facebook and I got some comments from my cousin who also linked it on Facebook, where some friend of his was slightly disapproving, or at least asking why there needs to be a rally for Taiwan's human rights, democracy, etc. I know it's easy to think that all is good in Taiwan when you are going with the flow. But, you never know how little human rights you have until you go out there and test it to see what rights you actually have. Check out this recent post by Claudia Jean over at her blog about how students were threatened or "strongly suggested" not to participate in rallies.

If you want to wait until Taiwan's human rights are to the point of that like 3rd world countries under oppression of guerilla fighters, then it'll be too late by then.


Anonymous said...

well there are little human rights in Taiwan to begin with. It's justice system is flaky at best. why bother with human rights if there is no reliable justice.

You'll just end up in a cell while they look for evidence to keep you there....

Richard said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous. But, is that how we should approach things in life? Since it seems like there's nothing we can do about it, and it's already flawed, then just let it be?

And to say there is little human rights in Taiwan to begin with is unfair to Taiwan. Taiwan has been one of the best in this area in Asia in recent years. Only after 2008, did Taiwan begin to backtrack once again.

Feel free to use a name in the future instead of anonymous.