Monday, June 15, 2009

Breaking Down Barriers

Another "peace" and "confidence" building measure on "both sides" has the Taiwan military taking down the underwater sea barricades (spikes) and landmines on Kinmen. As with all previous agreements that have symbolized the growing "peace" between the two sides, Taiwan once again takes it up the butt and China runs away with nothing.

Notice that it is only Taiwan's side that is removing defense measures from a strategic military point on Kinmen. Is China also removing some defense measures in Xiamen also? How about those 1,400-1,800 missiles that are or will be ready for Taiwan over the next couple years (hard to get exact numbers, but the main idea is that China has not reduced the number of missiles pointed at Taiwan since the cross-strait "peace measures" started last year on May 20th, 2008)?

Are the Taiwanese worried yet? Not yet, but the way I see it, lets hope for the 2nd phase of this bear market to ensue, because as long as the stock market continues up, the sad thing is that the majority of Taiwanese will continue to put up with Ma Ying Jeou.

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