Monday, June 22, 2009

More Support From U.S.

Congressman Robert Andrews from New Jersey has sent a letter to President Obama, asking for his assistance in urging Ma Ying Jeou from intervening in the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.

Robert Andrews, a Democrat from New Jersey, said in a letter to the White House that the TFD’s existence and present general policy directions were very much in line with the “fundamental values of democracy and human rights which Taiwan shares with the US.”

It goes on to ask Obama to “urge” President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and his administration to “let the TFD do its useful work the way it had done over the past six years.”
This should be a good test of character, in a way, to see who the man behind the "Harvard Law name," is really. For the most part, I believe President Ma is not scared of the Taiwanese people. What he may be scared of is the international community paying attention to what Ma is doing in Taiwan.

For obvious reasons, Ma Ying Jeou should not be meddling with removing and replacing the people inside TFD. It should be easy to see that this is just another step in the KMT's silent (apparent) goal of dismantling democracy quietly. All you need to control a country is to suppress dissent and opposing political views- once you shut that out, the people have nothing else to listen to except the one-party government. When you add all these small/large events together from DPP politicians being jailed (not just CSB), to political activists being fined and charged with violating the Parade and Assemblies Act even though Ma claims to uphold the U.N. Rights Convenants.

We need all the support that Taiwan can get. If you are living in the state of New Jersey, it would be nice for you to send a thank you letter to your congressman, Robert Andrews.

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