Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Censoring Continues

Haven't posted on Taiwan issues in a while, but it's the same old same old. Everyday, more stories about how people who have opinions that differ from the KMT-line, are continued to be silenced and unfairly treated. It's textbook fear tactics to maintain political control- suppress and bring down anyone who dares to voice an opinion other than the ruling party.

The recent bill to alter the "Assembly and Parade Act" is just a show to appease the previous protestors, including the "Wild Strawberry" students who protested for a change in the current Assembly and Parade Act. Yes, the petty bickering and fighting tactics of the Taiwan Legislative Yuan is petty and stupid. But, (and no, I'm not justifying it) what else can the DPP do to attempt to block bills? The KMT have full control, and are unwilling to let the voice of the people be heard. So the only form of protest that the people actually have-- is to protest on the streets. The KMT obviously no longer holds deep regard for their leader Dr. Sun Yat Sen's, Principle of Democracy-- stating that the people should have the right to referendums, among other things. So, the opposition party is left to rally on the streets.

What does the KMT do then? It decides to formulate a "new" bill that claims to improve upon the previous, but in actuality- allows more room for discouraging rallies and protests from happening. For example, slapping a $50,000NT fine on the organizers if they do not properly disclose what they will do, where they will go, etc.

Is this really how Taiwan will end? At the hands of the KMT with a larger percentage of Taiwanese who actually do not want to unify with China? It's okay to be wrong, but it's not okay to stand by and watch as the president and party you voted for, takes not only your money, but also your livelihood away.

Much coverage on the blogs already about the student protestors in Tainan getting mobbed by mobs/gangsters. Holding signs and shouting in public is now due for a beating. Michael Turton over at, The View From Taiwan, always with spot-on commentary on Taiwan news and issues has much of the story about the students covered. Check it out to feel even more sad about the state of Taiwan. May 17th is the rally against Ma's policies. Some information about the rally can be found here, but briefly quoted from the article:

The four demands in the May 17 rally are to safeguard Taiwan, protect sovereignty, save unemployment, and care for minority groups, said DPP.

Participants will gather at 2 pm on May 17 in four places in Taipei including National Taiwan University entrance, Chungshan Soccer Stadium, Ding-Hau Plaza in east district, and Wanhua Train Station. The march will commence at 3 pm and all groups are expected to assemble at the Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office at 5 pm, according to DPP.

I'll be out there on the 17th, snapping photos and trying to avoid getting beat down by any gangsters.

BTW: There's pretty much only two places to get non-KMT slandered English news about Taiwan,, as well as Taiwan blogs. It's fascinating to me to see that there are hardly any (actually I've never seen one) pro-KMT blogs that are frequently updated. Anyone care to point me to one?

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