Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Take a couple hours out of your not-busy Sunday, and rally with us against Ma and his KMT buddies' policies- their arrogant way of handling Taiwan's economy, democracy, and sovereignty. And their very obvious attempt and making Taiwan a one-China economy. Simply put, we all know the idiom for stocks- never put all your eggs in one basket. Well, that is what Ma is doing, putting all of Taiwan's eggs in one-China-basket.

The details (for you NTU (臺大) people, pay attention to Route 3):

Marchers will meet at four different locations at 2pm, and will depart at 3pm for Ketagalan Boulevard. Everyone will meet at Ketagalan Boulevard by 5pm.

Location #1: Zhongxiao East Road at the Dinghao Shopping Plaza

Location #2: Minzu West Road at the Zhongshan Soccer Stadium

Location #3: The corner of Xinsheng and Roosevelt Roads by the main gate of National Taiwan University

Location #4: Bangka Avenue at the Wanhua Train Station
Although this is organized by the DPP, do not think that this is a rally of support for Chen Shui-Bian nor for whatever wrongdoings the DPP has done. I fully support the prosecution of Chen Shui-Bian for whatever wrong he may have done-- but it should be done in a way that fairly judges him through the judicial system. The way his case has been handled so far is sketchy in terms of fairness, but that's another topic.

I know a fair amount of you young people around my age are in favor of an independent Taiwan, maybe not necessarily full independence, but the independence/status-quo that we have right now. I know that you do not favor unification with China, but you feel that a protest/rally will do nothing to stop whatever the KMT and Ma are doing. Or, you feel that what Ma and the KMT are doing is not doing any harm to Taiwan's sovereignty and democracy. In a way, I can understand, because it hasn't directly affected us yet. But, I'm here to say that things are changing, and changing fast, in favor of China swallowing up Taiwan. By the time you want to speak out against what is happening, it will be too late. A large turn-out on Sunday can and may wake-up the Ma administration into re-thinking what they are doing. Right now, they think the Taiwanese will lay at rest and let them do their thing. Show them that they are wrong. Thomas Jefferson: "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

This is a rally for Taiwan, for Taiwanese, for Democracy.

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