Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Lesson To Be Learned

Learn from history so we do not repeat it. Right? That's what we all learned in middle school world history.

South Korean Ex-President Commits Suicide:

Critics said the South gave the North too much for too little in return. A relatively sluggish economic performance, high youth unemployment and soaring property prices also undermined Roh's popularity.
Is this what we will be seeing in terms of Taiwan and China? Or perhaps we're already seeing this in the cross-strait talks thus far. Taiwan is giving up too much for too little in return from China. We're seeing sluggish economic performance and high unemployment as well. Presidential popularity? Well that's low as well, but it's risen a bit with the stock market- something to keep in mind when reading Taiwan's presidential popularity polls. I'm sure Ma's rating will drop when the markets resume their death spiral.

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