Sunday, May 10, 2009

All But In Name

More delightful news for Taiwanese, as it seems like a possibility that Chinese police will be brought into Taiwan to help "crime prevention."

If you are a Taiwanese and this doesn't scare you/make you flinch/read what I just said, then there is something wrong with you! What Taiwan doesn't need is more police that will not respect the rights of the people. Have you noticed that the Taiwanese police here don't even do a good job at what they are supposed to do (see below post)? And now we want to bring in Chinese police so that anyone against the KMT can be threatened and live in even more fear?

Even you people who voted for Ma Ying-Jeou and are KMT, you have got to admit--- this is getting ridiculous and is going too far. Taiwan is just about becoming a part of China, all but in name. Sure, Ma made the promise of no-unification, but it seems like he can basically unify the two countries without actually doing so.

So here's my call to you guys. Put aside your disgust with Chen Shui-Bian, and come out on May 17 to protest against Taiwan's government's inability to protect Taiwan's sovereignty and democracy. This isn't about the DPP vs KMT, this is about Taiwanese vs KMT/CCP. So yes, if you're one of those that want to unify with China, then stay at home- otherwise come out on May 17 to voice your opinion about what Ma is doing to Taiwan.

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