Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Reminder of What People in China Think

Back from my vacation to the snow-torn DC/Maryland area, dubbed "Snowmaggedon" or "Snowpocalypse." It was actually quite a sight to see 2-3 feet of snow, as I don't think I've experienced that much snow in the city. Anyways, the recent arms sales to Taiwan has once again, "angered" China. Here's a piece from China's propaganda newspaper, China Daily.
The United States is going ahead with its plan to sell arms to Taiwan despite the Chinese government's repeated warnings and protests. Though this is not the first outrageous act of the US administration after Barack Obama assumed office just over a year ago, it definitely is one of the most provocative. Besides, it ridicules the so-called "strategic partnership" between China and the US.
Let's keep in mind how China loves to renege on trade agreements (agreements between U.S. to open markets and to regulate exports to the U.S. better), as well as the Copenhagen climate talk disaster. See how China can throw up their arms in anger over what the U.S. is simply obligated to do (sell arms to Taiwan as needed), while China should be obligated to follow through on trade agreements, and yet the U.S. has yet to thoroughly enforce those agreements.

Is the US move appropriate for a strategic partner? The US recognizes that Taiwan is an integral part of China. Then why does it have to sell arms to Taiwan? How would it react if China were to sell weapons to Alaska or Hawaii?
Does the US actually recognize that Taiwan is an integral part of China? No. What the U.S. position is, is quite ambiguous- strategic ambiguity, such that the U.S. can maintain relations/semi-official relations with both China and Taiwan. The U.S. acknowledges that China sees Taiwan as it's own- that is all. It does not formally accept this claim as the U.S. position though. See the difference? Basically the U.S. is saying, "Yes, we know your position on Taiwan." But does not carry that position for themselves.

On the question of why the U.S. has to? Because it is our law, passed by elected leaders in Congress- something that China knows nothing about. So I'm not surprised that this person does not know why the U.S. has to sell arms to Taiwan.

People both in the north and the south of the 38th parallel are Koreans, just as we across the Taiwan Straits are Chinese. And just like the Koreans, we are one family.
And here's the obligatory "we are one family" line that always appears when Chinese talk about Taiwan. Terms such as, "compatriots" and "comrades" are their favorite terms to use when talking about both sides. The issue here is quite simple. Taiwanese have cultivated their own unique culture, drawing from Japanese and American cultures, to create one that is quite different from that in China. So here we are today, with an independent country called Taiwan, with a country filled with people who recognize themselves as Taiwanese, and not Chinese.

To borrow a line from the upcoming movie, Formosa Betrayed, "The Chinese say we are their brothers, but if we are their brothers, why do they treat us like this?"

As a Chinese who has relatives in Taiwan, I can claim to know people on the both sides of the Straits well. I can say with certainty that we are one family and that outside interference, like those by the US, will not bring about the reunion we desire. We have differences, but we also have the capability to settle them peacefully, without external interference.
As a Taiwanese who has no relatives in China, I can claim to know people on Taiwan, only. I can say with certainty that my family and I have no relations with China, and outside interference from China, will not bring about the "reunion" they desire. We have differences, and so we should have the capability to respect each others differences peacefully, without external (China) interference.

One does not need to be an expert in Sino-American or international relations to see what the US arms sale to Taiwan reflects.

It shows America has no respect for relations, including its strategic partnership with China, cares little about diplomacy, is uncomfortable with peace and hence ready to instigate trouble at the slightest chance it gets.

What China is showing is that is has no respect for U.S. laws, and no respect for Taiwan and her democracy. This person goes on to claim that the U.S. is uncomfortable with peace and wants to instigate? Let's set the facts straight right here, right now. The only reason the U.S. is providing arms to Taiwan is because of the Taiwan Relations Act. What is the Taiwan Relations Act for? To help Taiwan, because China (Taiwan's enemy) is holding Taiwan hostage with well over 1500+ missiles aimed at Taiwan. Perhaps the real instigator is... China? No missiles aimed at China, means no need for the U.S. to provide arms to Taiwan to defend itself.

This is the sad truth about those in China. Unable to get out, unable to get the real facts. And yet, these types of people are more sure than ever about Taiwan being a part of China, and will harass, push, fight, shove, taunt, and resort to other violent acts before ever saying that Taiwan is an independent country.

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