Saturday, February 20, 2010

China's Plot to Takeover Taiwan by 2012

A week or two ago, I saw this news popping up around the blogs about a new book by a Yuan Hongbing, a former Dean (of School of Criminal Law) at Beijing University, which reveals the steps that China is hoping to take in order to bring Taiwan under its control by 2012. Yes, 2012 as in within the next two years. Included is information classified as top-secret and confidential by the Chinese government. It should definitely be a worthy read, especially if you can read Chinese.

As of now I believe the book, English titled, "Taiwan Disaster," is currently available in Chinese - so English readers will have to wait. I was hoping to get a copy of this book as it certainly falls in line with what I believe will be happening. That is, that a significant change or move in the Taiwan Straits will occur sometime within the next 10 years - and keep in mind that I stated that when Ma Ying-jeou became Taiwan's president. So, the time frame I was looking at was between 2008 - 2018.

My reasons for such? The pace at which Ma Ying-jeou is bringing the two sides together is much too fast for there to be proper safeguards and special considerations in place for Taiwan to protect its sovereignty and democracy. Furthermore, the deteriorating global economic conditions will further put strain on China as well as Taiwan. What I fear the most is that with China's bubble economy and the possibility of Taiwan becoming a "One-China" economy, the potential for Taiwan to be taken down when China's bubble pops will be exponentially increased. At that point, it will be extremely hard for the Taiwanese side to make a stand when they are struggling economically. You may ask, what is the first step in China's evil plan? ECFA.

The book above will likely describe the ECFA is being one of those first steps, and that is why although Ma Ying-jeou continues to claim that this economic agreement is simply an economic agreement, nothing is ever that simple.

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