Friday, February 12, 2010

The Lone Taiwan Olympian

Another Winter Olympics, and another lonesome Olympic for Ma Chih-hung being the only representative athlete from Taiwan to participate in this year's 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Here's an interview by the Taipei Times with Ma (the athelete):

TT: Will you carry the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag?

I will carry the flag. [He was also the only athlete and the flag bearer at the Turin Olympics.]

TT: What are your feelings about that?

It’s a huge honor. But it’s only me [on the team] right now, so I hope other sports can qualify in the future. I hope by holding the flag, people will focus on our sports. I have to keep this going, so that [Taiwan] can compete in every [Winter] Olympics.
Considering he hails from Pingtung, it's more likely he's a "green" supporter, so I was sort of disappointed with his response to these questions. He basically sidestepped the issue, but I can't really blame him (since it could cause a lot of unneeded stress/attention) considering he's the only athlete from Taiwan to participate. He'd much rather devote his time and energy to winning a medal- something I understand coming from one who played sports as well.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are able to make it to Vancouver for the Olympics either tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday, bring out your Taiwan flags! Let everyone know that Taiwan does have a national flag (albeit the R.O.C. flag) because it is a sovereign country. Any other flags that represent Taiwan will do also (DPP flag, World Taiwanese Congress flag, etc), considering the "Chinese Taipei" flag is just about "Taiwanese" as Ma Ying-jeou claims to be.

Here's the luge schedule (Run 4 is medal round, so only if he makes it that far will he be in it):

February 14, 2010

Scheduled 13:00 - Men's Singles Run 3
Scheduled 15:10* - Men's Singles Run 4

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