Friday, February 26, 2010

228 Events

Just a couple reminders:

Formosa Betrayed opening in select theaters in NY, CA, MA, NJ today - Review from FilmCritic. Review from the NYTimes.

From FilmCritic:

There are times when the film stumbles over dialogue, which isn't as well-written as the action, and the final scenes are overly melodramatic. But overall, Formosa Betrayed is engaging and informative, and it leaves you with a sense that you did something productive while watching a movie…you learned something.
Regardless of whether it turns out to be entertainment/theatrically worthy, it's a movie worth seeing just so you can learn more about the history of Taiwan. For those in Seattle who can't see the movie just yet, make it to the 2/28 discussion this Sunday at Kane Hall (see below). Learn about Taiwan, and perhaps you will get a glimpse of why I feel the need to run this blog.

2/28 Discussion at the University of Washington this coming Sunday at Kane Hall 110, 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Also, election day in Taiwan. From Hsieh Chang-ting's Plurk:

Election day. People have asked, "the KMT have lost 3 times already, do we still need to punish them? Answer: The problem isn't how many times, rather have they or have they not changed.

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