Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Speech Friday (the 19th) (Updated)

Just a heads up for those who attend UW. I submitted my letter regarding the UW listing Taiwan as a province of China. It's similar to the letter I wrote in the previous post, with some slight additions and tweaks to make it more publish-worthy.

I hope all of you will pick up a copy of The Daily this Friday, the 19th! It should appear in the "Free Speech Friday" section (barring the potential for too many letters to be submitted, and mine being ousted because of it being a response to something that has not appeared in The Daily.

02/19/10 Update:

Here's the online version of my letter as it will appear in today's print version. Thanks for the support everyone. Unofficially, someone else has posted that the UW Office of Admissions has contacted the vendor they use to fix this error - they have yet to personally respond to me, but I was likely not the only one to let them know about this error. Just goes to show that we can get things done with simple things like e-mails and letters.

'Tis a good day to be part of the Taiwanese community at UW.

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