Friday, October 3, 2008

Vote These Communist Bandits Out This November

Find your representative here. If your representative voted for this bailout, it is your duty to remove them from office this November. Regardless of party and affiliation, they must go. All polls prior to these votes as well as even after point to a majority of Americans who are against this bailout. We voted these representatives into office to represent us. How can this supposed "bailout, save the economy, save the world," legislation fly through the senate and pass the House when the majority of us are against it?

So do the right thing, vote them out of office. For those in WA, these are your "Patriotic" (Communist) bandits that have chosen to take your taxpayer money and send it to foreign countries around the world, including China.

Adam Smith - Dist. 9
Rick Larsen - Dist. 2
Norm Dicks - Dist. 6
Brian Baird - Dist. 3

Not proud of my district, where Adam Smith decided to AYE for this bill. But I am surprised/pleased to see that WA state actually went from a 5-4 (out of the 9 representatives for WA) FOR the original bill on Monday, to a 5-4 AGAINST the revised bill today.

Moving onto the markets... So much for the bill that needed to be passed in order to bring "stability" to the markets. If by stability they meant more selling, well that was a given for anyone who had an ounce of brain left, which none of the four above do. If you've had any sort of conversation with me about the market, and/or, read any of my previous posts, you know where to be:

1) Short
2) Cash
3) Fetal position

From Yahoo! Finance:

The turnabout came after Congress approved an amended version of a $700 billion plan to purchase distressed assets from financial companies. A knee-jerk reaction by traders sent stocks down sharply as they sold the news of the plan's approval.

Notice the immediate impact of the bill passing, a long red candle, the shorts' best friend. Furthermore, it is down AH, as well as the Futures being down. Monday? Doesn't look too happy for bulls.

Anyways, if you were too lazy to call, fax, e-mail, write, talk to your senators and representatives, fine. But you can make up for it by voting the above "AYE"-ers, that said AYE to socialism, out of office.

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