Friday, October 10, 2008


Today is the "National Day" for Taiwan (or yesterday in Taiwan), or should I say Republic of China. It's actually quite a sad day for a supposed national celebration of Taiwan, because of the fact that President Ma has completely reverted things back to One China, different interpretations. Whereas in the past 8 years, Taiwan had made great progress in distinguishing Taiwan as a separate country from China, and that "One China" was really only, China.

If you did not know, which I would assume you don't unless you scour the web for articles on Taiwan everyday, Ma made the claim that China is a part of the Republic of China. Sure, the constitution may still say that, but everyone knows the constitution is outdated and needs to be redone. So much for the "mutual expectations" that he referred to in his national speech on 10/10.

"The people's mutual expectations are 'no reunification, no independence and no use of force' between the two sides. But we will not have wishful thinking, we will firmly uphold Taiwan's dignity and Taiwanese people's welfare," he said.

How can the people expect him to follow through with 'no reunification' if:
1) His party (KMT) is clear on the fact that the eventual goal of Taiwan is to be united with China.
2) He has continually downgraded the importance of Taiwan's sovereignty through his actions and words (remember his inaugural speech?)
3) He has the guts to still state that China (PRC) and Taiwan (ROC) are one country, and even further, that China is a part of the Republic of China (Taiwan). (Sorry for all these parenthesis with ROC, PRC, Taiwan, etc. but it's needed now that Ma has reverted back to these terms that are confusing as hell)

This is no longer about the internal bickering within the country, DPP, KMT, whatever. If you are Taiwanese, if you are from Taiwan, if you live in Taiwan, you need to know that the path that Ma and his cronies are taking Taiwan is one slippery slope. That slippery slope that once Taiwan has fallen on, will likely never be able to recover from again. Ma's administration is quickly turning everything Taiwan, into China this-and-that. At the same time, their administration is moving towards censoring the media- one of the finest points about Taiwan's democracy, which has consisntely been rated #1 in terms of its freedom of speech and media. If you aren't alarmed about this, you should be. One of the best ways to control the people is through media. Feed them what makes you look good, and block all that criticize you. It's what China does, and it's what the KMT is trying to start to do.

Wake up people.

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