Sunday, October 12, 2008

China to McCain and Obama - "Watch Yo' Self!"

As ridiculous as it sounds, China has not only warned the United States of it's "wrong-doing" in approving half of the original $12 billion arms package to Taiwan, but also proceeded to turn the tables on the two presidential candidates (another article here), Barack Obama and John McCain. Both Obama and McCain had good things to say about the package finally being approved, with McCain taking it a step further and calling for the U.S. to also approved the F-16s that were not included in this arms deal.

Really? I mean seriously. We are now taking threats/orders/warnings from China?

"We expect U.S. presidential candidates can realize this and stick to the one-China policy, observe the three Sino-U.S. joint communiques, oppose 'Taiwan independence' and advance bilateral ties,"

How about expecting the U.S. to also stick to the Taiwan Relations Act as well as the Six Assurances, from which the U.S. promises to continually provide Taiwan with arms sales in order to allow Taiwan to defend itself, without consultation with the third party, China. And yet, by allowing China to call on the two presidential candidates to stop with the arms sales and proceeded not to respond harshly against China's threat, they are in affect bringing China to this "bargaining table."

Can we get a president who has the balls to tell China no? The biggest threat of this century will be how the U.S. deals with the growing threat of a "soft" China. We cannot standby and wait for them to evolve "softly" into a "soft superpower" without checks. When China gets to where it wants to be, there will be not "softness" in their projection of power across the world. China rules with an iron fist, and does what needs to be done to drive its propaganda machine across the globe. That is why, no matter how optimistic the world and Ma's administration may be, expecting China to "see the light" in Taiwan's democracy and hope for them to become democratic is a lost cause. This is easily apparent in a lot of Chinese-Americans.

There are basically two types of Chinese-Americans in the U.S. (besides the apathetic, don't care ones). One type are the ones that, even though living in the U.S., for whatever reason (parents, extensive upbringing in China), they continue to spew the propaganda that the Communists crank out in Beijing. They cannot think for themselves. Even when they read/see/hear something opposite of what the propaganda machine says, they ignore it or deem it a lie. There is absolutely no doubt in their mind that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China, and there is absolutely no doubt that Taiwan is, and will always be a part of China. Even though they've experienced things like free speech, unfiltered internet, education that says otherwise to the Communists propaganda, they still eat up the propaganda that China throws at them.

So where does these optimism for change in China come from? Is it wrong to be optimistic about things like this? No, absolutely not. But perhaps it can be dangerous to be so optimistic, that we lack realistic expectations. When China says things like, "will prevent Taiwan from officially declaring independence, by force if necessary," and, "is of grave concern to China," when describing the arms deal by U.S. to Taiwan, and finally things such as this:

"[China aims] to subject the United States to coercive nuclear threats to limit potential U.S. intervention in a regional conflict"

Then, it should be clear where China stands. So lets be realistic, no, Chinese are not going to come to Taiwan, see how wonderful democracy is, then attempt to gather the people in a revolution to end communism in China. Sorry folks, the TAIEX has a better chance to hit 20,000 before China becomes a democratic nation.

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