Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DaHwa News (大話新聞) Host, Cheng Hong-Yi Coming to Seattle

Found out from my dad this weekend that the "all-star" of political talk shows in Taiwan (at least for the Green side), is coming to Seattle to help raise money for FAPA. Check out the flier in Mandarin here. According to the FAPA September newsletter, these are also his other tour stops:

October 31: New York City
November 1: Washington, DC
November 2: Houston
November 3: Seattle
November 5: Los Angeles

Although it says to go to for more details, I can't seem to find more details. If you find those, "more details," feel free to let me know!

In any case, word from my dad says that he will be speaking in Seattle at the University of Washington campus on the 3rd of November. I believe the time was 6 or 7PM, and the location is in Kane Hall. I'll update this if/when I get confirmed time. I assume he'll be covering just the general happenings in Taiwan right now, and probably take some Q&A. But, I'm just speculating. Edit: Looks like there may be a dinner involved as well, so the location may actually be in Bellevue, will update if I find the right information!

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