Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Taiwanese" Check-box that never was? (Census 2010)

There is chatter (love using that word in this kind of context, so secretive) on the internet about the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau was willing to include a "Taiwanese" check-box for citizens to check instead of writing in Taiwanese. This supposedly happened last year, but the KMT sat on this and did nothing (no response to the U.S.). Still trying to get a news piece on this, but that's all for now.

Update: Here's an article saying that the Premier backs the "Taiwanese" drive in the U.S. Census. The question is, then why did they sit on the possibility of having "Taiwanese" included as a check-box?

During a visit to TECRO's Seattle branch office last year, U.S. census officials indicated their intention to include "Taiwanese" on the list of options but somehow this was not done because TECRO officials messed up, Kuan claimed.

Also this news clip from SET:

Finally, we have awkward wording, or perhaps misinformation on the TECRO website:
At the next US census in 2010, Taiwanese Americans will - for the first time - be given the choice to distinguish themselves from Chinese Americans.
Oh really? The first time? I wonder how those phantom Taiwanese were able to be counted as Taiwanese in the 2000 census...

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