Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beijing: A Bunch of Crocks

Every time I read another article about how Beijing/China warns or protests against some other country (usually the U.S.) about some "internal matter" (in their minds, Tibet and Taiwan), I get just a bit more negative about those communists over there in China. On a larger scale, while maybe not fair, towards Chinese people as a whole. If you are Chinese and reading this, perhaps you should start speaking up for your Chinese community and saying that while you are Chinese, you may not necessarily agree with the actions the Chinese government does.

The latest warning from China about Tibet and Taiwan (nothing new actually, just more deceit and rubbish):

He said it was “totally unacceptable” for foreign governments to interfere in China’s affairs by selling arms to Taiwan, adding: “At a time when the Chinese people across the Taiwan Strait are carrying out friendly exchanges as brothers, the advanced arms sales to Taiwan by a certain country is like handing a dagger to one person when he is hugging his brother.”

What this official from Beijing does not understand is that what they believe does not mesh with what the U.S. believes. While the U.S. simply acknowledges China's stance on Taiwan and Tibet, it does not hold this stance as the U.S.'s own.

Furthermore, his comment regarding how the arms sales are akin to "handing a dagger to one person when he is hugging his brother" is quite retarded actually. Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised that he is purposefully leaving out the fact that there are 1500+ missiles pointed at Taiwan right now. I believe a better analogy would be something like, "advanced arms sales to Taiwan by a certain country is like handing a dagger to one person when he is holding off his greedy neighbor who has a gun pointed at him."

This is exactly the situation that China has put Taiwan in. China is envious of Taiwan's success, such that it has basically held-up Taiwan in a stick-up, threatening to blow off her head if she decides to run. So the U.S. comes to provide a dagger (arms sales that are incomparable to the firepower that China currently has against Taiwan), in order to deter China.

Unfair? Yes. The reality? Yes. It is simply the reality that Taiwan faces every day. Not only the pressure from China, but the lies and deception that bleeds out of Beijing and into the mainstream media today.


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