Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taiwanese Americans in the U.S.

Came across this website, listed as the Taiwanese American Heritage Week Homepage, with a lot of information on Taiwanese in the U.S. Not sure if the numbers in the main diagrams in the front page are actual/projected numbers, or numbers reported in the 2000 Census. In any case, they should be representative in terms of relativity between states.

For example, it shows that the top three states with the highest number of Taiwanese Americans are California, New York, and Texas (with California being #1). New Jersey comes in 4th, followed by Washington in 5th. Not sure where the large Taiwanese presence in NJ comes from, as I would have thought Washington would have more. Nice to know though!

Most interesting is that while Taiwanese command the second highest Per Capita Income only behind Japanese, that Taiwanese are also the least represented group within the "Asian Americans." Taiwanese Americans, the few and not so proud? Hopefully that will change this year.

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Michael said...

No wonder the waitress in Seattle thought I was rich just because I was Taiwanese. :D