Monday, March 29, 2010

Taiwan Job's Websites: 104, 123, etc.

Been busy the past few days working on a resume for these types of websites. Any of you have experience in applying to jobs on these websites? I'm specifically working on the website.

Would like any tips on this, especially as my Chinese is not that great - so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Such as, is it customary for people to put a picture on their resume? On the 104 website when setting up your information, education, background, etc., it also asks if you would like to upload a picture of yourself. Is it preferred, necessary, a bonus?

Thanks! And apologies for the lack of updates!


Alton Thompson 唐博敦 said...

The customs surrounding CVs in Taiwan are inherited from a longstanding tradition in Asia of literati seeking government posts. Taiwanese job seekers tend to assume a fairly standard CV format (akin to a driver license application or other government form) and to supply details like eye colour, height, and birth date that would go unmentioned on a CV in in many other countries (if the details were even legal to request).

My advice would be to share anything that you think will help you attract an interview and omit anything that strikes you as irrelevant or unhelpful. This would go for the photo as for anything else. 104 has a staff that goes through materials; they call you if they feel they need more information. Additional details can also be shared with prospective employers when you finally do meet in an interview. Naturally, you will want a native speaker of Chinese to proofread your documents before you share them with 104.

Richard said...

Thanks Alton, your comment on, "My advice would be to share anything that you think will help you attract an interview and omit anything that strikes you as irrelevant or unhelpful" was very simple, yet overlooked by me since I don't have the experience with CVs in Taiwan.

Appreciate your advice!

timera said...

So my advice is simply what Alton has said. Just one more point, Taiwan is still a pretty conservative society so they tend not to like people with extreme appearance. So attaching a photo with your hair undyed, ears unpierced, looking like a "normal" person is definitely a plus. Along the same line, since many Asian Americans dress unconventionally according to the Asian standards, so it is an assurance to them if you have a photo of yourself being presentable on the CV.

finally, good luck

Richard said...

Thanks Tim. Guess I'll have to find the time to take a self-portrait. A shirt and tie? Or is that too much? I don't know why, but I thought walking around in the streets of Taiwan, wearing a suit, is "weird"

Or maybe I just heard wrong?

timera said...

haha, I like your profile pic already, if you keep that on ur resume, it'll probably get you in one of the pro-green companies. I don't think suit and tie are necessary, but also, I don't think it'd be too much if you have a photo like that on the CV. I guess a clear portrait of yourself is quite alright.