Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Perfect Storm

So I've been "bunkered" down in our house for the past week with what started as mediocre snow in this region, but the past few days, has become quite a blizzard. Having ventured out once, traffic is slow, people are pissed, people do not like shopping in this weather.

This is icing on the cake, for a poor shopping season for retailers. Huge markdowns and last minute e-mail trying to get me to buy their items with free 2-day shipping to get it in time for Christmas speaks volumes. Now add to the fact that many families are stuck in their houses, and now you have less shoppers than even intended due to weather. I wouldn't think there be much impact if it was just this area, but this is happening across the U.S. Despite what they say, the patriotic thing is not to go out and consume and buy up more stuff on credit. Work and save is the way to go.

Too lazy to put up charts, but I'm in VFC puts and short the actual stock on ANF.

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