Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Governor of Illinois Facing Corruption Charges in Attempt to Sell President-Elect Obama's Senate Seat

Alrite, look. Obama is our next president, like it (most of you) or not (a few of us). I was not going to post on this, as I thought some media outlets would propose the real question, the tough questions, in their articles, but I didn't find much at all. See the title for this blog? That's what the biggest headlines on news websites should be.

Lets look at it another way. Had the governor of AZ been in this situation isntead, do you really think that McCain's name would only be mentioned once, or twice in an article about the governor's corruption charges on selling off McCain's senate seat? An onslaught of articles headlined something like, "Governor of AZ jailed on allegations of selling McCain's senate seat,"
would be hitting the wires, instead of some vague, "Governor of Illinois jailed."

To think that Obama has no connection at all is ridiculous. From CNN articles, Obama is quoted as saying, he's had no contact with the governor and has no clue what was going on. Serious? An intelligent man (Obama) who is going to be our next president, had no clue at all about what was going on in his state? Puh-lease. Lies, Lies, LIES. So much for all of you guys being head over heels in uproar about Bush lying to us-- Obama's following down Bush's path already, and guess what, it only took him -45 days (yes that's a negative in front) of his presidential term to do so.

I didn't even do any research, but I'll leave that to you guys. If I did, I bet I could find a connection between Obama and the governor within 5 minutes. Anyways, just another thing for you Obama-fans to make an excuse for.

Lastly, I can understand this bias. With the U.S. facing a depression, and just having elected a new president on a platform of "hope" and "change," it'd be a real blow to the image of the United States if our president-elect was brought down before he even was inaugurated on allegations of connection with corrupt politicians. So, I believe that's the real reason. Life's not fair, but that's the way it is.

Anyways, remember that Dark Knight, Obama connection I made in the past? Well what do you know, Dark Knight (the movie) was shot in Chicago, i.e. Gotham = Chicago. And oh, if you haven't seen the movie yet, the politicians of Gotham were corrupt as well.

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