Sunday, September 20, 2009

How China Will Force Taiwan's Hand

As I've been mentioning, every time the ECFA is brought up, in posts such as this, Ma Ying Jeou's plan is to unite Taiwan and China gradually right underneath our very eyes by calling it a "non-political" agreement wrapped in something called the ECFA.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that when you open all your doors to Chinese investment, your enemy, that they will take advantage of the control they now have over your (Taiwan's) economy? My analogy that I've used before is that, when investing, we always talk about diversification and not "putting all your eggs in one basket." Well isn't that when the KMT and Ma Ying Jeou are doing right now? It's all well and good when China isn't upset with anything and continues to invest in Taiwan's economy, artificially propping it up; but when China starts steaming, they can just as easily deflate our economy and bend Taiwan into submission by cutting off their "stimulus." It reminds me of a Bible verse, Job 1:21, where Job was given everything by God, but in the same way, God had the power to take away everything.

This small example here is China using it's recent tourism investment in Taiwan to try and force Taiwan's hand into screening the films that have been entered into their film festival (small props to the WSJ for getting straight to the point with the opening line, but still doesn't do the job by going further and citing examples of where China has influenced things much more greater in scope and importance than just a film festival).
China appears to be using its growing economic clout in Taiwan to influence the island's free-wheeling cultural scene.
Why would they do this? Because it goes against their propaganda! We can already see that China is gaining clout over Taiwan, as the movie is still being shown in Kaohsiung, but not in the actual film festival- it is being shown at earlier days, outside of the film festival organization and event.

So here's another, "it's one thing for ________, but another thing to ________," for you to see my viewpoint.

It's one thing for Taiwan to push for economic agreements with China, but another thing to do so and ignore everyone else, especially our main allies- US and Japan.

The DPP has always been willing to negotiate terms and cross-strait agreements with China. But, tt has always been China who has been unwilling to come to the table during the 2000-2007 years. The DPP was ready to negotiate direct flights and the three-links, but it was China who insisted that they would not negotiate on anything as long as Taiwan's government continued to insist on their sovereignty and independence- something that Ma and "Taiwan's" government has caved into.

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misomoo said...

well the answer if very simple my friend, Ma is a true chinese at heart, it'd be the greatest wish and accomplishment in his life to allow taiwan to be taken over by china. if people truely understands this fact, there really is no surprise why he's actively opening taiwan's security, that is economic, defence, foreign affairs and more, to open attacks by china.
it truely is a sad time in taiwan at the moment. can you imagine Osama Bin Ladin being elected the president of the USA by its people? well, the taiwanese have done just that! they've managed to accomplish something that's stranger and more ridiculous than fiction. grats for ruining my home.