Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Beauty of Airspace in Taiwan" (福爾摩沙 空中散步) - Video

Title and screencap of the video of mention

If you haven't seen this video of scenic places in Taiwan, it's a must see! Be sure to click the HD button, or watch it in 720p by downloading it here (it's a .mkv file and missing the last shots of Orchid Island; use VLC player if you can't play it). The video is called, "The Beauty of Airspace in Taiwan" I saw it a month or so ago, but forgot where, and then again this past weekend at the local Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle (TAGS) 中秋晚會 event to celebrate-- the Mid-Autumn Festival. Then, finally again someone posted it on Facebook and it appeared on my news feed.

Seems like it's something that's recently picked up (again?) some popularity, so for us Taiwanese, who for some odd reason aren't celebrating the 60th anniversary of the PRC, take a look and enjoy the spectacular views of Taiwan. And if you missed it, the PRC has made a movie for their 60th birthday, called "The Founding of a Republic."

As far as for what reason it was made, looks like it could be an advertisement for

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