Friday, July 24, 2009

The First Obama-move I Finally Am Impressed With

This is semi-old news I believe, but Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman has been selected by Obama to be their China ambassador. I guess the newer news is that previously news had not revealed that he was a Taiwanese (Hoklo) speaker- at least I did not catch that the first time. A previous Mormon missionary to Taiwan, Taiwanese (Hoklo) speaker, Mandarin speaker, and is noted in article as being "personally invested in the fate of Taiwan."

The governor, who lived in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary, said he felt “personally invested in the peaceful resolution of cross-strait differences, in a way that respects the wishes of the people on both Taiwan and the mainland.”

He said that current US policy “supports this objective, and I have been encouraged by the recent relaxing of cross-strait tensions.”

The governor received warm praise from senators of both parties, and the committee was expected to refer his nomination to the full Senate quickly for confirmation before lawmakers leave for a month-long recess on Aug. 7.
While he sort of follows the line of improved cross-strait relations, he doesn't quite use improved, but uses relaxed- which I could say is more on par with reality. A positive out of this appointment is the cross-party support Huntsman will likely receive in his confirmation- making the point to Beijing that this is not a Republican, nor a Democrat thing.

As always, talk is cheap. But we can be hopeful. Hopefully he does not become another Jimmy Carter.

On a sidenote, Huntsman was mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate for the Republicans. Chatter and rumors say this could be a move by Obama to ship him to China to lessen his probability on being a runner in 2012.

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