Saturday, June 14, 2008

KMT Souring Relations with Japan

As much as the KMT liked to call the DPP confrontational, provoking, escalating situations with China- well that's just what the KMT is now doing with Japan.

Why are we trying to make an enemy out of Japan? If Taiwan ever wants to become independent or at least move in that general direction, the help of Japan is needed. This is just more evidence of the Hu-lovefest by the KMT. Much of the Old Guard KMT can't wait to get back into bed with the communists that they'll do anything to win China's approval. They are doing a damn good job at it. It's hard to image how much can change in just one month, but the truth is that in just one month, the Wu-Hu-Ma-party have degraded Taiwan and it's people to nothing more than pawns in their ultimate goal of unification with the mainland.

I'm sad to say, but there are dark times ahead for the Taiwanese people if they do not wake up. This is not the time to shrug it off and continue to be apathetic. I will post a story about apathy in Taiwan by the young generation that I posted previously on a different blog later this week.

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