Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taiwan Cross-Straits Research Project - Participate!

This was forwarded to me as a opportunity to share your knowledge and experience of Cross-Straits history. See below for more information:

Hi everyone!

My name's Alina and I'm currently a rising junior at Brown University, pursuing a research project about how youth in mainland China and Taiwan (ages 18-30) look at cross-strait history. 

Here's what you do
1) Take this survey.
2) Investigate your own history and share it on our website
4) Continue the conversation.

Cross-Strait Passages seeks to work towards cross-strait peace by starting a conversation about our past. Find out more about your grandparents' generation. If we don't record their stories now, who will?

So from now until August 10th, we will be having a summer feature contest. The winner will be have their work undergo post-production processing, have four CDs of their work to share with family and friends, be featured on our website, and provided he or she lives in Taipei or Beijing, be eligible for a 2000 NT or 400 RMB cash prize. 

So start now. Tell your friends and share this message! This project will be most meaningful if we have as many people as possible participate. 

Look forward to hearing from you,

Cross-Strait Passages

大家好!我怡文,來自美國布朗大學。我正在進行一項名為 峽通道」的和平計畫,需要你們的協助。 海峽通道是一個收集歷史故事網路空間。讀者可以透過此空間中世代交錯的內容認識四零及年代台灣和中國可開啟並培養出對於兩岸事務敏銳度。





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