Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Fortnight of Taiwan News

Back from my vacation to Texas. Interestingly, it was quite colder there than in Seattle. Add to that, they received snow twice there, and I don't think Seattle got any.

Late, tired, and my blogging engine is still being dusted off- so for those who semi-rely on my blog for news about Taiwan, here's some of the major developments:

  • The Legislative Yuan reverses the un-ban on US Beef; Ma reneges.
  • China balks over the recent U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Note the error that shows up consistently in Taiwan articles, "Communist-ruled China split with Taiwan amid civil war in 1949..." Fact: China and Taiwan did not split in a "civil war" in 1949; Rather, the Communist Part of China regained control of China, and forced the losing Nationalists to flee to Taiwan, and setup their temporary-turned-permanent government on Taiwan.
  • DPP gains 3 more seats in legislative by-elections; Taiwan's press, comments on Ma's future. Note that these by-elections are mainly due to the KMT's previous winners being annulled for vote buying.
  • Apple Tablet PC pretty much on schedule for release this year, as a Taiwan manufacturer steps up to make those cases.

Not much to say tonight, but that Tsai Ing-wen is moving the DPP on the right track. Let's hope this momentum can continue well into 2012. More elections later on this year will likely give the clearest indication as to whether Ma will see a second term.

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Michael said...

What's the DPP's beef with US beef? :(