Friday, November 20, 2009

Applying for Jobs in Taiwan, Province of China?

For whatever it's worth, many company websites list Taiwan as a Province of China, if you poke around in the job application area of their websites. I believe Qualcomm and Verizon are just a couple that do so, and here is what NSA shows when you select TWN during the process of filling out the forms online:

It probably wasn't intended, and from my many job applications, it seems like a similar type of application system is used by each company/entity. So, it may very well be that these companies are sort of just "borrowing" the system to use for their job application process. Nevertheless, this is the type of ignorance than Taiwanese must continue to fight against and make known. What may be harmless to those that know, may give the wrong information to those who don't- and in turn spread these lies.

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