Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking For Jobs... in China?

While perusing our university's job website, where employers can list openings for us students, I came across a listing by The Princeton Review - Taiwan. See the location for this opening:

I can't tell whether it's our university's job site that allows employers to select "Taiwan, Province of China" as an option for location, or whether The Princeton Review was given a blank box to write it in. Regardless, times are tough for a Taiwan that is recognized as separate from China. Today's top story in the TaipeiTimes points towards calendars being distributed in Taiwan, as having "added/extra" holidays. Holidays that you would not celebrate, unless you are Chinese.

So much for Ma Ying-Jeou's promises of "633" economic prosperity and claims of protecting Taiwan's sovereingty and doing what the people of Taiwan want. Even the most pro-KMT and conservative polls give Ma Ying-Jeou at best, a 30% approval rating. Hmm, just about what outgoing President Bush has, except Ma did what President Bush took 8 years to do, and perfected it in just 7 months. Obviously there's a disconnect between the people and President Ma. If he can't recognize a sagging approval rating as a sign that where he's taking the country is not what the people want, well then Taiwan is obviously screwed.

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